Who we are:

The European Association of Private Breeders is an association of private subjects (natural and legal persons) breeders and growers who are dedicated to the breeding of wild animals and the cultivation of plants in order to maintain them in human care.

Our values:

We accept the values ​​of the Society for Corsevation and Restoration of Biodiversity given by its article lll:

article. III

The purpose and object of the institute’s activity

The purpose of the institute is to carry out socially and economically beneficial activities, especially in the following areas:

1. Protection of the environment, biodiversity, endangered species of animals and plants.

2. Education and enlightenment in the field of environmental protection, care for animal and plant species and sustainable development.

For these purposes, the institute mainly develops the following activities:

1. Providing the possibility of breeding and growing endangered animals and plants for the purpose of learning about their bionomics, enabling their reproduction and helping them to spread again in nature.

2. Support of programs leading to the preservation and restoration of species wealth in the tropics and subtropics.

3. Education and promotion in the field of biodiversity protection and restoration in the form of lectures, conferences, publications and media coverage.

4. Research, search and transfer of suitable technologies and strategies for the preservation and restoration of biodiversity, including cooperation with other state administration entities, educational and research institutions and partners from the private sector.

Our goals:

The aim of EAPK is to provide its members with information and to defend the interests of breeding/breeding at the level of legislation and standards, both nationally and internationally.

How to become a member:

EAPK membership is voluntary and free of charge. A breeder or supporter of EAPK can become a member by filling out an electronic (see below) or paper form.

Current number of members